How to Start a Podcast Guide with The Room Podcast

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Marketing Your Content

Now we get to the fun part—content marketing! You’ve put in all the work to create and record your episode, let’s talk about how content will help you get your episode seen, listened to, and subscribed.

Content marketing focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing your media/content for a targeted audience.

Having multiple forms of content created and published can help you get discovered, tailors your content to different preferences of your audience (how they consume content), the benefits go on.
For every episode, here is a checklist of content we’d recommend creating with every episode:
Content Type
Blog Article
Teaser Image/Screenshot
Teaser Video Snippets
Twitter Thread
Linkedin Post
There are no rows in this table

Content Types

Blog Article

This is a long form, written article recapping the transcript or edited conversation from the episode. This is best for SEO and getting your content discovered organically through searches of the topic and/or guest that your episode features. Check out our blog on Medium

Teaser Image

This is a static image that you can use as the cover to multiple posts and the blog. Whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, or Linkedin, having a cover image to use when sharing the episode can add a personal touch to your episode.

Teaser Video Snippets

These are short, attention-grabbing 10-15 second videos that capture a highlight or compelling statement from your episode. If it is a vertical video, this can be best repurposed for TikTok/Instagram Reels, or if horizontal, best for Twitter and Linkedin.

Twitter Threads

This can be easily decomposed from the blog. Twitter is a platform where many go for education and reading interesting snippets of thought leadership. By recapping and sharing the contents of your podcast episode into threads, you increase the likelihood of your content being picked up and read.

Linkedin Posts
How can you share the contents of your episode that is beneficial to a professional community on Linkedin? Similar to Twitter, Linkedin is a platform where thought leadership is shared. Extract bits and pieces of the episode that you can share in multiple posts.

How to amplify your episode through marketing

The key to amplifying your content is identifying opportunities to share and reshare on social. Tap into the network of your guests by following up with them/their team with links to the social posts around their episode.
On platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter—you can grow your podcast viewership and brand awareness by landing on new people’s feeds. Getting each guest and their network to share your content is a two-way streak as your podcast will get more eyes & the guest has an incentive for their episode to perform well and be seen by more people.
If you’d like your content to bleed through on TikTok, look out for engaging, fast-paced, and “shocking” content within your episodes. Is there is 15-60 second piece you can clip and post the content on TikTok? Be sure to add captions to your video content to make it easier for people to follow along and grab attention. The beautiful thing about TikTok is that you do not need a following in order to go viral/grow. Putting out good, attention grabbing content helps you build said following.
You can also grow your podcast episode(s) through channel partnerships. This means tapping into other existing communities and networks that would benefit from the content on your episode. Say, you bring in a guest that is a large, notable EdTech founder—think, what communities is this founder in that they can share this episode with? Are there any large EdTech newsletters or group chats that would particularly enjoy the content of the episode?
Lastly, when are you are starting out, every new person that shares and promotes your podcast/episodes can move the needle on your growth tremendously. So do not be afraid to work through your network first and ask the favor of supporting & sharing. Chances are, they will also find your content helpful and are excited to support your podcasting journey!
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